Yes, another new gaming blog…

I won’t even bother trying to come up with some clever welcome post.  We’ve all seen hundreds of them in our time on the Internets.

Instead, I’ll just lay out the plan for I what I want to do here.  I like writing about game stuff: things like reviews, opinions on news, etc.  I used to do this on a site called Bitmob.  It let aspiring game journalists like myself post their articles for everyone to see.  The best ones got vetted and edited for the front page.  It wasn’t the biggest honor in the world, but it certainly got more people reading my stuff than a blog somewhere (ironic, no?).  Bitmob recently moved over to a site called Gamesbeat, and I absolutely hate it.  The original site wasn’t designed very well, with some pretty big quirks, but Gamesbeat is so much worse.  It is quite the eyesore, and I’m not convinced it’s worth the annoyance of posting there anymore, even with a steady flow of other people to read my writing.

Instead, I thought I would give blogging a chance again.  I’ve started (and promptly neglected) a gaming blog in the past with the same name (but on Blogger).  WordPress has always been touted as having better features, so I figured I’d combine these random thoughts and just start a new blog here.  Expect to see my ramblings about video games, insights into current news goings-on, and probably some reviews here and there.  Feel free to suggest something you might be interested in seeing – if anyone is even seeing this.


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